Our story

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DSigns were established in September 2000 by Richard Such, he had worked in the trade for about 4 years before deciding to take the plunge as it were into self-employment.

The first couple of years were a bit of a struggle as it took time to establish DSigns as a company that had a good reputation for a perfect end result. I’ll always be thankful to my parents as they’re the ones that helped me through periods of the unknown in the early days!! DSigns first unit was actually ‘borrowing’ a corner of my family friend’s unit in Heathfield… I will always be grateful to the Trewern’s as the only rent they asked for was a bottle of Talisker whiskey for Terry as he loves a fine Scottish tipple.

We have moved premises a couple of times over the years, from Heathfield down to Bovey Tracey and then in August 2012, we moved back up to Heathfield to a purpose designed unit with a separate print room and vehicle bay. These were exciting times as it was at that point we were really able to expand and push on as we had room to do so!

I had been printing vinyl for a few years for Scott Davies who was working at a sign company in Torquay, he’d been there for about 10 years before he had the opportunity to take over the shop himself and in 2010 the era of Mac and Me was born.

Scott took an already thriving business onto the next stage and quickly earned a reputation for being the place to go in Torquay. DSigns continued to print for Scott and we became good friends. After a couple of years we decided to look into vehicle wrapping as it seemed this was the new rage in the trade and looked as if it was going to be great fun.

In early 2012 we went on a few wrapping courses together to get some background knowledge on the products and skills required to wrap vehicles.

We spent a lot of time working on our own vehicles before we started wrapping customers’ vehicles and in September of that year we formed Vinyl Wraps Devon as a partnership.

VWD went from strength to strength pretty quickly and we earned through hard work and time a great name in the South West for wrapping.

In 2013 we were lucky enough to be taken to Holland to Avery Dennison’s headquarters near Amsterdam to do their advanced wrapping course…this was on another level and we learnt a massive amount and are so pleased to have been able to go over there and complete the course.

We were spending so much time on vehicle wraps and Scott spending so much time over in Heathfield working on the wraps that in July 2014 we decided, after much deliberation, to join forces and become partners through all three businesses.

We’ve tried to increase our staff at a steady rate and as we are such a small team having the right members of the team is paramount!

In the year 2020 we hit our twenty year anniversary! It’s crazy how the business had evolved to that point, exciting but crazy!

Covid. Booooom. So strange looking back, I’m not sure anyone knew what was going to happen, was there going to be a business to come back to when everything was closed down, would we have any customers, a very scary time indeed. We came back to work after a few weeks as so many people were contacting us for covid related signage, before long we were all back at it and working as hard as we were before the dreaded word ever appeared.

In October of that year we heard about the possibility of a ridiculously good unit being available, after some deep deliberation and hard decisions were made we took the plunge and went for it. Some hard renovations were needed at the unit as it was somewhat dilapidated and with covid still rearing its ugly head here and there we pushed on and moved in, albeit to an unfinished unit, in March 2021! The era of 1 Battle Road had begun.

What a place, we are proud of this building, we’ve tried to do something that isn’t really in our trade, a lush showroom with all the types of signage on display, a place we can bring clients to show our wares, have chats, throw ideas around and all in a relaxed professional environment. Couple that with the fact we can get a double decker coach and a couple of vans inside all with the roller door shut in a temperature controlled environment….. another boooooooooom…. ha ha

As said we are so so so so proud of where we are and how the business has progressed over the now many years of existence

What started with Richard, then Richard and Scott has become something so much more than we could’ve wished and hoped for.

Please feel free to come over anytime for a chat about your signage or vehicle requirements. Visuals and Samples are everywhere and the kettle is always on.

Hard work pays off. We wonder what the next step will be…